Frequently Asked Questions

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What problems can I report through Active Shehri?

Active Shehri is used to report problems when something in your local area needs fixing, cleaning or taking away. For example, some citizens living in your community needs some help from other community members for their medical treatment, Education or any other persona issue. Moreover You can report issue, if authorities of your area are not playing their part, and involved in illegal issues like (Bribery e.t.c) or some development project once started but did not completed.

What should I report a problem?

Don't assume that your government bodies and authorities haven't fixed a problem in your neighbourhood because they are choosing not to. Often they are not even aware the problem exists. By reporting any problems you notice, you are helping your council maintain your neighbourhood. Reporting a problem promptly enables it to be dealt with before the matter escalates, for example, before some massive opposition from citizen or anti-social behaviour.

What Reports are not suitable for Active Shehri?

Active Shehri should not be used for making complaints on urgent matters, as probably reports of active shehri comparitively have very slow life cycle. For matter of urgent reports your should probably contact them directly by finding numbers from Contact Center of Active Shehri.

How Do I report a problem?

You can submit your step in three easy steps

  1. 1 . Select Your city and area and drag marker to exact location.
  2. 2. Fill you issue details, Choose and appropriate title and fill detail description.
  3. 3. If you want us to aware you in case of any update on report, fill your personal details.

Can I remain Anonymouse?

You are welcome to remain anonymous if you prefer to do so. Alternatively you can enter a mobile telephone number and reports which will enable us to send you text alerts about the progress of your reported problem.

How do I check if the problem has already been reported?

You can check already reported issues in Reporting Section, By selecting your area.

Can I report multiple problems?

There is no restriction on the number of problems you can report, but please submit them as separate reports rather than adding comments onto the first submission. This makes it easier for us to track progress.

Will I be charged for this service?

Active Shehri do not charge the person submitting the problem. However data usage will be charged by your mobile operator at your standard rate.

How to become a part of active shehri?

Active Shehri is a civic platform providing you a place where you can interact with other citizens of your community, help them or raise your voice against any civic issue of society. You can be a part of Active Shehri, If you have passion to

  • Help someone at time of need
  • Raise your voice against any criminal activity of society
  • Want to be a part to share your knowledge for knowledge base of active shehri.

How I can track my report?

You can track your reports progress by loggin into your account. Any update at your report will appear as a timeline entry over your report.

How knowledge base section will help me?

If you want to complete some of your daily life process (e.g want to make your domicile, want to submit an FIR) Knowledge base will help you to by providing information about process flow, documents required and fee structure to complete that process.

How Contact Center will help me?

Contact center will provide you contact information of all key authorities(e.g Wapda, WASA, LDA, BISE Lahore) at one place.

How my report will create some impact?

Issue are accumulated online and will be transferred to concerned authorities heads and media centers. Moreover first time in Pakistan all issues will be available online which will help citizens to analyse issue faced by their neighbourhood citizens and they can easily evaluate authorities, areas and constituencies on the bases of these issues.

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