Who We Are?

maps section We are a bunch of civic-minded technology enthusiasts who want to change the way an average citizen in Pakistan tackles his daily problems. Our team consists of talented people from all walks of life, yet sharing the same bond of Pakistani citizenship. We are ready to make mistakes, learn and adapt, and ultimately perfect our service for the people of Pakistan.

What we do?

maps section Just like the world has progressed towards creating an online community of buyers and sellers by cutting out the middle- man, we want to create a digital forum for the citizens of Pakistan too where they can get their problems solved together without any help from the government. By reducing reliance on any sort of bureaucracy, Active Shehri aims to get things done, fast.
You can report on any problem ranging from that related to education, employment, health and sanitation to that related to content enforcement, legal manipulation and criminal activities. maps section Active Shehri also wants to create a nexus between the citizens and the authorities in Pakistan, as it has been in talk with many media bodies for quite some time now.
Our core strength lies in the fact we enable issue-reporting based on area, constituency and city, not on geo-location which doesn't provide much information anyway. We also summarize all the reported issues visually to give real-time information to the public about the things happening in their community.

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