Why Active Shehri?

maps section We believe that no matter how educated you are, you are still susceptible to manipulation by scam artists. Active Shehri, therefore, provides an online platform for the citizens of Pakistan report and share issues related to their area. It also serves as a knowledge portal where citizens can easily accessinformation about things from 'how to apply for a domicile' to things like 'how to file an FIR'. This will do away with their dependence on any third parties or agents, who thrive on the ignorance of uninformed citizens and resultantly make a fortune overnight. Active Shehri also provides an online repository of contact information of higher authorities in Pakistan, which can easily accessed by anyone in Pakistan.
Blaming the government for all ills in the society hasn't been fruitful in the past, and is not likely to pay any dividends in the future as well. We believe that the best thing is to rise as responsible citizens and take action ourselves. The point is; if you want things to change in your locality, you need to be an Active Shehri yourself

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