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Change of meter

Change of meter

The only man at Wasa Gulzar-e-quaid office, dont pick calls on official number and behave very stupidily with customers.

There's no water in taps since last evening, I'm continuously calling since then but he's not responding the calls. He just picked at once, i requested for water tank and replied that its a long que so will get my turn till tomorrow. He didn't reach even at the second day nor picking the calls. I visited him at the spot, the phone was placed idle and continuously ringing but he wasn't responding. Somone called him on his mobile and he was using quite rought language and shouting on mobile: "How you dared to call me on my mobile, i said you'll get your turn so just wait, I'm not your servant, never call me again at my mobile". The tanker was parked idle, he was sitting idle and phone was ringing. This is the second day night and I'm sure he'll not come even tomorrow.

Long load shedding periods

There are 2 to 3 days in a week when our light gone for 6 hours from 8 am to 2 pm

A kid with thalassemia want to pay Umrah

A Kid with thalassemia have a wish to pay Umrah but there parent are poor If anyone can help please do. This Kid is from my town.

Donation for Cancer Patient

My friend's sister has been diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer . She is only 15 years old and needs to be treated ASAP.The treatment is very expensive so please feel free to help as much as you can . Whatever contribution you make would be appreciated and will help.Your contribution can save a life . For any details you may contact (call or whatsapp ) Abdur Rehman: 0321-4342605 Faysal dar : 0331-4934598; Hamza murtaza: 0343-4713759;

traffic is asking for bribe

The traffic police at arfa tower is involved in asking for bribe for issue driving license. they took 3000 from me and then issued license.

They took 3000 as a bribe for issuing driving license

The traffic police at Licensing center in Arfa tower asked for 3000 as a bribe for issuing the driver license.

I was looted in a street of Iqbal Town

Two Boys on the bike looted me when I was coming back to home from my village, They looted my laptop and Smartphone.

Tried to snatch the Car

I was standing at a signal and 4 people in Rickshaw attempted to snatch the car by showing pistol.

someone snatch my mobile

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