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Trash and Garbage on the streets where hospitals, school and university is located.

The road between ZiaUddin Hospital and Karimabad Flyover where a few schools, Ziauddin hospital and Ziauddin university is located is always stinking with the garbage thrown by locals of the area, no authority takes any notice on and no one is doing anything. The place smells really bad and obviously it is very unhygienic to pass from that area plus the children in schools and people in hospital are having a really bad effect of it. If you people can really help, please do!


A Boy living on Mughal Pura working as service man in a Petrol Pump has some financial issues and needs 60,000 for his sister's wedding on urgent bases. He has tried all his means and could arrange only half of estimated amount but now unable to arrange for his sister jahez. If you want to be a part of it please contact.

Mismanagement and Rishwat

Mr. Shakeel inside package branch is a handicapped individual but he has the worse reputation, he asked for Rs.200 himself , and also blocks common parcels coming from abroad so they dont have to go through customs process channel whereas he clears them himself and calls the recipient via telephone whom he has already taken bribe from so their parcel is not liable to any customs duty, he offers this service on regular basis and also has a history of abuse of his authority. Disrespect towards poor people coming to his office to get their parcels from abroad and have to go through a painful process if they donot give bribe to them.

Burning of scrap, card boards, chemicals, garbage, etc badly polluting the residential area around. Stealing of bricks from the water canal to build slums.

There is grown number of slums in block B/1 Johar Town in the open plots owned by LDA that are in the residential area in Johar Town. The people living in the slum burn dangerous materials which creates lot of smoke and chemicals injurious to health. I and my neighbors have personally requested them several times politely and in strict tones to please don't burn and create hazard for the community. They never listen. The neighbor are all sympathetic people but now are frustrated. At first, there used to be only 1 or 2 slums, but now this is growing out of hand. This needs to be stopped immediately before large number settles down and it grows difficult to evacuate. The burning of more and more items is extremely dangerous for the residence area around. The slums are in block B1/A1 of Johar Town on Malik Tufail Road, adjacent to flats in block B/1 and opposite to block A/1 houses 20 - 30. Please help as soon as possible to evacuate the place of these slum dwellers. Thank you.

their is no proper sanitation system due to this many disease have been emerged


Traffic warden diving bike withwithout helmet

When helmet is mandatory for all bikers, why teaffic warden not obey these rules

Petrol is short again and i could not find it any where.

Petrol is short again and i could not find it any where.

They were rude and didnt fix the problem

They were rude and didnt fix the problem


PPSC jobs are center of Bribry and Corruption

Loading Shedding for 10 days

Loading Shedding for 10 days

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